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Heft Experience

Heft is the moniker of Zwel Mun Wint from Myanmar, who creates moody electronic music driven by cinematic inspirations, post rock influences and techno-centric composition.

What's on 2024!

I am incredibly proud to be working and co-working at Cove Park residency. I am part of the Cryptic 2024 team and lineup, a Scotland-based internationally renowned hub for audiovisual art and experimentation, which announce that I will be participating in the next edition of Sonica, a festival for curious minds and adventurous spirits.
Get to know the project and festival:

 November 17, 2023, MENSCH album is out!

The album is out now on every music platform. If you go to the Bandcamp, there will be an extra song, “Instrumental Version” is exclusively released there. Please head over to White Light / White Heat blog to check the music video of “Hive Mind And I” premiere.

"Mensch" is a remarkably versatile album that offers not only music but also a broader experience, showcasing talented artists such as Karen Vogt, analept, Recue, illocanblo, cat cancer, Mathmatrix, who are already well-known in the roster, as well as introducing new artists like Alex Smoke and blanckien.

Heft has once again proven himself as a master storyteller who can expertly weave narratives through music. The album is a unique blend of ambient and downtempo sounds, adorned with haunting melodies and introspective lyrics, creating a sonic landscape that beautifully reflects the complexities of human emotions.

Enjoy HIVE, MIND AND I Premiered at WhiteLight//WhiteHeat

Surreal, distorted, and thought-provoking, the Le Quang Nhut‘s lyric video syncs curious, global, slice-of-life imagery with the collective consciousness of the soundtrack. A mirage of modern snapshots shuffles intimate inner turmoil with rapid urban flows, and virtual cybernetic fusions to heighten sensory perception into a melancholic disturbia, where alienation, fear, and confusion drip a lone tear of endless beauty into a hypnotic veil of hopeless dreams.